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Goods and Services Tax Act – GST Law

Information Security and Confidentiality

Information Security and Confidentiality : Considering the sensitivity of data in GST system, there is a great focus on information security aspects of the system i.e. Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and […]

Business Intelligence/Analytics

Business Intelligence/Analytics : The GST system shall include a robust Business Intelligence (BI) system (in Phase-III of the project). The system which is aimed to help policy makers for policy […]

Integration with systems of States & CBEC

Integration with systems of States & CBEC : Model 1 States a) All model 1 states will continue to use their own IT systems. However they will have to augment […]

GST Common Portal:

 GST Common Portal: The GST portal shall be accessible over Internet (by Taxpayers and their CAs/Tax Advocates etc.) and Intranet by Tax Officials etc. The portal shall be one single […]

Key solution design principles

Key solution design principles : GST System IT Framework is designed around following key design principles that define the state-of-the-art in modern design practice: a. Platform Approach : Designed as […]

GST Eco-System

GST Eco-System : There are multiple stakeholders in GST eco-system: a) Tax Payers b) CAs/Tax Advocates/TRPs c) Banks/ RBI d) GST Council e) CBEC/State Tax Authorities f) Helpdesk g) CAG […]

GST System Technical Architecture

 GST System Technical Architecture : The GST portal will be direct, browser-based interface for Taxpayers and Tax officials to access GST services. However the GST system is designed to be […]

Approach to the GST System

Approach to the GST System : GSTN has engaged M/S Infosys as a single Managed Service Provider (MSP) for the design, development, deployment of GST system, including all application software, […]