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Issue of Foreign Currency Exchangeable Bonds(FCEB) are regulated by Foreign Currency Exchangeable Bonds Scheme, 2008 issued by Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs.

The launch of the Foreign Currency Exchangeable Bonds (FCEB) scheme affords a unique opportunity for Indian promoters to unlock value in group companies. FCEBs are another arrow in the quiver of Indian promoters to raise money overseas to fund their new projects and acquisitions, both Indian and global, by leveraging a part their shareholding in listed group entities.

An FCEB involves three parties –

(i) The issuer company (issuer),

(ii) The offered company (OC) and

(iii) Investor.

Under this option, an issuer company may issue FCEBs in foreign currency, and these FCEBs are convertible into shares of another company (offered company) that forms part of the same promoter group as the issuer company. For Example, company ABC Ltd. issues FCEBs, then the FCEBs will be convertible into shares of company XYZ Ltd. that are held by company ABC Ltd. and where companies ABC Ltd. and XYZ Ltd. form part of the same promoter group. Unlike FCCBs that convert into shares of issuer itself, FCEBs are exchangeable into shares of OC. Also, relatively, FCEB has an inherent advantage that it does not result in dilution of shareholding at the OC level.


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