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Glossary (Acronyms)

Glossary (Acronyms) :

Acronym Explanation
AA Advance Authorisation
ACC Assistant Commissioner of Customs
ANF Aayaat Niryaat Form
BG Bank Guarantee
BIFR Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
BoA Board of Approval
BRC Bank Realisation Certificate
BTP Biotechnology Park
CBEC Central Board of Excise and Customs
CCP Customs Clearance Permit
CEA Central Excise Authority
CEC Chartered Engineer Certificate
CIF Cost, Insurance & Freight
CVD Countervailing Duty
DC Development Commissioner
DFIA Duty Free Import Authorisation
DGCI&S Director General, Commercial Intelligence & Statistics.
DGFT Director General of Foreign Trade
DoR Department of Revenue
DTA Domestic Tariff Area
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EEFC Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency
EFC Exim Facilitation Committee
EFT Electronic Fund Transfer
EH Export House
EHTP Electronic Hardware Technology Park
EIC Export Inspection Council
EO Export Obligation
EOP Export Obligation Period
EOU Export Oriented Unit
EPC Export Promotion Council
EPCG Export Promotion Capital Goods
FDI Foreign Direct Investment
FIEO Federation of Indian Export Organisation
FOB Free On Board
FT (D&R) Act Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act, 1992
FTP Foreign Trade Policy
GATS General Agreement on Trade in Services
ICD Inland Container Depot
IEC Importer Exporter Code
ISO International Standards Organisation
ITC(HS) Indian Trade Classification (Harmonised System)

Classification for Export & Import Items

ITPO India Trade Promotion Organisation
LoC Line of Credit
LoI Letter of Intent
LoP Letter of Permit
LUT Legal Undertaking
MEA Ministry of External Affairs
MoD Ministry of Defence
MoF Ministry of Finance
NC Norms Committee
NFE Net Foreign Exchange
NOC No Objection Certificate
PSU Public Sector Undertaking
R&D Research and Development
RA Regional Authority
RBI Reserve Bank of India
RCMC Registration-cum-Membership Certificate
S/B Shipping Bill
SEZ Special Economic Zone
SION Standard Input Output Norms
SSI Small Scale Industry
STE State Trading Enterprise
STP Software Technology Park
TEE Towns of Export Excellence
VA Value Addition


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