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Postal ballot forms

16.5 Postal ballot forms :

16.5.1 The postal ballot form shall be accompanied by a postage prepaid reply envelope addressed to the scrutiniser.

A single postal ballot Form may provide for multiple items of business to be transacted.

16.5.2 The postal ballot form shall contain instructions as to the manner in which the form is to be completed, assent or dissent is to be recorded and its return to the scrutiniser.

The postal ballot form may specify instances in which such Form shall be treated as invalid or rejected and procedure for issue of duplicate postal ballot Forms.’

16.5.3 A postal ballot form shall be considered invalid if:

(a) A form other than one issued by the company has been used;

(b) It has not been signed by or on behalf of the Member;

(c) Signature on the postal ballot form doesn’t match the specimen signatures with the company

(d) It is not possible to determine without any doubt the assent or dissent of the Member;

 (e) Neither assent nor dissent is mentioned;

(f) Any competent authority has given directions in writing to the company to freeze the Voting Rights of the Member;

(g) The envelope containing the postal ballot form is received after the last date prescribed;

(h) The postal ballot form, signed in a representative capacity, is not accompanied by a certified copy of the relevant specific authority;

(i) It is received from a Member who is in arrears of payment of calls;

(j) It is defaced or mutilated in such a way that its identity as a genuine form cannot be established;

(k) Member has made any amendment to the Resolution or imposed any condition while exercising his vote.

A postal ballot form which is otherwise complete in all respects and is lodged within the prescribed time limit but is undated shall be considered valid.



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