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Day End Activities

Day End Activities :

Keeping in view, the serious effects on the system software, auditor may scrutinize the entries on and around the various closing dates of the Bank. This verification can be conducted by going through the exceptional report or Supplementary generated by the system software. Besides this, auditor should also verify that following activities are carried out regularly and documented:

a. Day end activities are carried out by either the Branch Manager or System Administrator and are properly documented.

b. Supplementary are checked and special users are deleted.

c. The following functions are completed at the day end:

i. Minimum balances calculated.

ii. Products calculated for Current Account (Debit balances)

iii. Mandatory reports generated.

iv. Fall back procedures activated.

v. Day end back up taken.

vi. Recording of entries in back-up register.

vii. Recording in Log Books.

viii. Filing of reports.

ix. Shutting down of complete computer system.

d. The data back-ups taken are in safe custody and properly documented.

e. Server Room is properly locked and the keys are kept only with authorised person.

f. The generation of following documents:

i. Access log

ii. Supplementary

iii. Audit Trail

iv. Transaction number is given for each transaction entered.

g. After the business hours of the bank computer operators perform the following functions:

i. Supplementary Report is printed either by Branch Manager or System Administrators and filed.

ii. Cash Denomination Report is printed and filed.

iii. Vouchers are tallied and signed either by Branch Manager or System Administrator