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Funding of Interest

Funding of Interest :

In addition, the auditor should also consider the fact that during the course of restructuring/rescheduling in any manner, the interest element, in addition to the principal may also be rescheduled by the bank. This reschedulement of interest may be with or without sacrifice. In some cases future interest may also be funded apart from the principal. In such cases, the auditor should examine whether the RBI’s requirements with regard to provisioning for sacrifice have been complied with by the bank. In case of interest sacrifice, the model prescribed by RBI includes calculation and provisioning for sacrifice on future interest as well. The auditor should examine the terms of funding of interest and if the same is in the nature of moratorium for payment of interest, then the interest would become due only after the moratorium period is over. The funded interest cannot be recognised as income if the account is treated as NPA.

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