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Books and Records

(a) In case any books of account are maintained manually, does general scrutiny thereof indicate whether they have been properly maintained, with balances duly inked out and authenticated by the authorised signatories?

 Now a days CBS is followed hence question of maintaining manual books of accounts does not arise.

 Balancing is also done through system.

 Balancing report may be generated to confirm that no difference is appearing in the balancing report.

 Exception Reports can be generated from the system to verify whether there are differences. If there are differences, the same should be reconciled / rectified by branch.

(b) In respect of computerised branches:

 Whether hard copies of accounts are printed regularly? Refer the guidelines issued by Head Office. On the basis of instructions, documents to be stored in hard copies and the periodicity of printing may be identified.

 Indicate the extent of computerisation and the areas of operation covered through manual intervention.

 Are the access and data security measures and other internal controls adequate?

Refer the guidelines issued by Head Office – Awareness of Branch officials with Security guidelines – Password Policy, Anti viruses on systems, Access to pen drives etc. may be checked as a part of access and data security controls

 Whether regular back-ups of accounts and off-site storage are maintained as per the guidelines of the Controlling Authorities of the bank?

Refer the guidelines issued by Head Office for compliance – Whether backups are periodically tested.

 Whether adequate contingency and disaster recovery plans are in place for loss/ encryption of data?

Refer the guidelines issued by Head Office & compliance thereof. Note if any fire drills or any other evacuation drills are conducted –

Whether any Fire Safety Audits are conducted –
 Do you have any suggestions for the improvement in the system with regard to computerised operations of the branch?


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