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GST on services rendered to Employees

There is a probability that for following employee welfare measure company require to pay GST under reverse charge.

  1. Bus/Car Pickup
  2. Company/ Leased Car
  3. Canteen/Meals
  4. Uniforms
  5. Mobile and Landline connection
  6. Residential accommodation
  7. Concessional loans to employee
  8. Travel food recovery
  9. Guest house- Meal recovery
  10. Gym allowances
  11. Loss of pay – Excess leaves/ Medical Leaves
  12. Asset recovery on loss viz Desk key, ID card
  13. Higher Education – Not meeting the milestones
  14. Bonus recovery- Esp joining bonus for not serving the notice period
  15. Referral fees recoveries
  16. Other Statutory recoveries
  17. Meal Card- to the extent of excess utilized as compared to the number of days in the month served
  18. Health care facilities
  19. Long term service incentives viz Gift Card – Upto 50,000 would be exempt
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