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Irrevocable Agency

Irrevocable Agency :

Where the agency cannot be terminated, it is called irrevocable agency.

(a) Where agency is coupled with interest then it is a case where the agent has interest in the subject matter of agency. In this case, agency cannot be terminated except where there is an express provision, to cause prejudice to the interest of the agent. For the agency coupled with interest does not come to an end on the death, insanity, or the insolvency of the principal.

(b) Where the agent has incurred personal liability, principal cannot revoke the agency leaving the agent to face the liability. For instance where ‘A’ appoints ‘B’ as his agent and ‘B’ purchases as per orders of ‘A’ some rice in his personal name, A cannot revoke the authority

(c) Where the agent has partly exercised the authority, the authority cannot be revoked, where ‘A’ appoints ‘B’ as his agent to procure 10 bags of rice and ‘B’ procures in the name of ‘A’ then ‘A’ cannot revoke his authority.

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