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List of forms relating to registration

List of forms relating to registration :

Form No. Description

1. GST
REG-01 Application for Registration
2. GST
REG-02 Acknowledgement
3. GST
REG-03 Notice for Seeking Additional Information/Clarification/Documents relating to Application for Registration
4. GST
REG-04 Filing clarification/additional information/document for Registration
5. GST
REG-05 Order of Rejection of Application for Registration
6. GST
REG-06 Registration Certificate
7. GST
REG-07 Application for Registration as Tax Deductor or Tax Collector at Source
8. GST

REG-08 Order of Cancellation of Application for Registration as Tax Deductor or Tax Collector at Source
9. GST
REG-09 Application for Allotment of Unique ID to UN Bodies/Embassies/any other person under Section 23(7) of the Goods and Services Tax Act
9A. GST- Application for registration by person supplying OIDAR service from outside India

10. GST
REG-10 Application for Registration by Casual Taxable Person or Non-Resident Taxable Person.
11. GST

REG-11 Suo motu registration by proper officer
12. GST

REG-12 Application for UIN
13. GST
REG-13 Application for Amendment in Particulars of Registration
14. GST
REG-14 Order of Amendment of existing Registration
15. GST
REG-15 Application for Cancellation of Registration under Goods and Services Tax Act
16. GST
REG-16 Show Cause Notice for Cancellation of Registration
17. GST

REG-17 Reply to SCN for cancellation of registration
18. GST
REG-18 Order for Cancellation of Registration or dropping proceedings
19. GST
REG-19 Dropping of proceedings if reply in form REG-17 is satisfactory
20. GST

REG-20 Application for revoking cancellation of registration
21. GST
REG-21 Order for Approval of Application for Revocation of Cancelled Registration
22. GST

REG-22 Show Cause Notice why application for revocation should not be rejected
23. GST

REG-23 Reply to SCN issued in respect of revocation
24. GST
REG-24 Application for Enrolment of Existing Taxpayer
25. GST
REG-25 Provisional Registration Certificate to existing taxpayer
26. GST
REG-26 Order of cancellation of provisional registration certificate
27. GST

REG-27 Notice why provisional registration should not be cancelled

28. GST
REG-28 Application for Cancellation of Registration for the Migrated Taxpayers not liable for registration under GST Act
29. GST
REG-29 Form for Field Visit Report if physical verification of premises ordered