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No levy under section 9 or section 9A in certain cases [Section 9B of the Customs Tariff Act]

No levy under section 9 or section 9A in certain cases [Section 9B of the Customs Tariff Act] :

This section provides that, notwithstanding anything contained in section 9 or section 9A,-

(a) No article shall be subjected to both countervailing and anti -dumping duties to compensate for the same situation of dumping or export subsidization.

(b) Countervailing and anti-dumping duties shall not be levied just because such articles are exempt from duties or taxes borne by like articles when meant for consumption in the country of origin or exportation or by reasons of refund of such duties or taxes.

(c) These duties shall not be levied on imports from member country of WTO or from a country with whom the GOI has a most favoured nation agreement unless a determination has been made that import of such article into India causes or threatens material injury to any established industry in India or materially retards the establishment of any industry in India.

(d) The provisional countervailing and anti-dumping duties shall not be levied on any article imported from specified countries unless preliminary findings have been made of subsidy or dumping and consequent injury to domestic industry and a further determination has also been made that a duty is necessary to prevent injury being caused during the investigation

The points (b), (c) and (d) mentioned above shall not be applicable in a case where countervailing or anti-dumping duty has been imposed on any article to prevent injury or threat of an injury to the domestic industry of a third country exporting the like articles to India.

The provisions of section 9C of the Customs Tariff Act enumerate the orders against which an appeal can be preferred to CESTAT. The procedure, time limit and other related matters of filing an appeal are addressed to in this section. An appeal filed under this section shall be accompanied by a fee of fifteen thousand rupees. Every application made before the Appellate Tribunal,—

(a) in an appeal for grant of stay or for rectification of mistake or for any other purpose; or

(b) for restoration of an appeal or an application,

shall be accompanied by a fee of five hundred rupees.

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