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Non-achievement of priority sector targets

Non-achievement of priority sector targets :

Scheduled Commercial Banks having any shortfall in lending to priority sector shall be allocated amounts for contribution to the Rural Infrastructure
Development Fund (RIDF) established with NABARD and other Funds with NABARD/NHB/SIDBI/ MUDRA Ltd. , as decided by the Reserve Bank from time to time. The achievement will be arrived at the end of financial year based on the average of priority sector target /sub-target achievement as at the end of each quarter.
While computing priority sector target achievement, shortfall / excess lending for each quarter will be monitored separately. A simple average of all quarters will be arrived at and considered for computation of overall shortfall / excess at the end of the year. The same method will be followed for calculating the achievement of priority sector sub-targets. (Illustrative example given in Annex A of Master Directions – Priority Sector lending – Target and Classification issued dated December 22, 2016)
The interest rates on banks’ contribution to RIDF or any other Funds, tenure of deposits, etc. shall be fixed by Reserve Bank of India from time to time.
The misclassifications reported by the Reserve Bank’s Department of Banking Supervision would be adjusted/ reduced from the achievement of that
year, to which the amount of declassification/ misclassification pertains, for allocation to various funds in subsequent years.
Non-achievement of priority sector targets and sub-targets will be taken into account while granting regulatory clearances/approvals for various purposes.

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