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RAKESH Staff asked 6 months ago

Some Retaired Persons incorporate a samaj called Pansion Samaj. such samaj registered at jaipur. life Time contrubition of Rs. 750/-. got Separate PAN No. for sub branch (Dist. wise separarte-separate PAN No.). Book of a/c also separate maintained by dist. wise ONE Dist. Case: 4th disit of PAN Card is “L” of one dist. MY First question is It LLP or AOP. is it correct PAN no. secound case is, such SAMAJ made 4 -5 FDR in past of Rs. 10k,50k,30k etc. in the year 2014-15 such FDR cancalled by perseident and made single FDR of Rs. 3lacs. Bank provide interst on old FDR Rs. 56k and deduct TDS. asssessee neither file ITR in past, bqz total receipt 1.5lacs PA. and Expenditure 1Lacs PA. ITO Issue Notice for Non- filling ITR and such 3 lacs source of income. my question is ITR required to submission or not. such dist. SAMAJ not want to claim TDS. and not want to file ITR. 

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