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Udai Staff asked 11 months ago

Small Individual parties providing Freight services and providing normal invoice(no ST bifurcation) who don’t have consignment note. As a company (a service receiver) required to pay ST at 30% under RCM. Such service amount above 30000/- p.m

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2 Answers
Abhishek SharmaAbhishek Sharma Staff answered 11 months ago

Incase of RCM there is no basic money limit.
Consignment Note is a essential element for becoming eligible for transporter definition and to become eligible for claiming abatement.
During service tax assessment it may create a problem for assessee to proof it’s abatement claim if no consignment note is provided.

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Udai Staff answered 11 months ago

Thank you Sharma Sir,
One of my client A receiving GTA service & not paying ST under RCM @30% saying since party is individual they does not have consignment note (party providing one small printed paper as invoice). 
One of other client B paying ST @30% even-though party is individual who provides small paper as invoice.
Pls reply me whether ST required to pay if party gives you only small printed paper as invoice.

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