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Recovery of Gratuity

Recovery of Gratuity :

Section 8 provides that if the gratuity payable under the Act is not paid by the employer within the prescribed time, the Controlling Authority shall, on an application made to it in this behalf by the aggrieved person, issue a certificate for that amount to the Collector, who shall recover the same together with the compound interest thereon at such rate as the Central Government may be notification, specify, from the date of expiry of the prescribed time, as arrears of land revenue and pay the same to the person entitled thereto:

“Provided that the controlling authority shall, before issuing a certificate under this section, give the employer a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against the issue of such certificate:

Provided further that the amount of interest payable under this section shall, in no case, exceed the amount of gratuity payable under this Act”.

Protection of Gratuity

Gratuity has been exempted from attachment in execution of any decree or order of any Civil, Revenue or Criminal Court. This relief is aimed at providing payment of gratuity to the person or persons entitled there to without being affected by any order of attachment by an decree of any Court.

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