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Report on Annual General Meeting

19. Report on Annual General Meeting

Every listed company shall prepare a report on Annual General Meeting in the prescribed form, including a confirmation that the Meeting was convened, held and conducted as per the provisions of the Act.

Such report which shall be a fair and correct summary of the proceedings of the Meeting shall contain:

(a) the day, date, time and venue of the Annual General Meeting;

(b) confirmation with respect to appointment of Chairman of the Meeting;

(c) number of Members attending the Meeting;

(d) confirmation of Quorum;

(e) confirmation with respect to compliance of the Act and Standards with respect to calling, convening and conducting the Meeting;

(f) business transacted at the Meeting and result thereof with a brief summary of the discussions;

(g) particulars with respect to any adjournment, postponement of Meeting, change in venue; and

(h) any other points relevant for inclusion in the report.

It shall be signed and dated by the Chairman of the Meeting or in case of his inability to sign, by any two Directors of the company, one of whom shall be the Managing Director, if there is one and Company Secretary. Such report shall be filed with the Registrar of Companies within thirty days of the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting.

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