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Reserves and Surplus

Reserves and Surplus

The auditor should verify the opening balances of various reserves with reference to the audited balance sheet of the previous year. Additions to or deductions from reserves should also be verified in the usual manner, e.g., with reference to board resolution. In the case of statutory reserves and securities premium, compliance with legal requirements should also be examined. Thus, the auditor should specifically examine whether the requirements of the governing legislation regarding transfer of the prescribed percentage of profits to reserve fund have been complied with. In case the bank has been granted exemption from such transfer, the auditor should examine the relevant documents granting such exemption. Similarly, auditor should examine whether the appropriations from securities premium account conform to the relevant legal requirements.

Where the local laws or regulations governing overseas branches require creation of certain reserves, the auditor should examine compliance with the relevant requirements concerning the quantum and manner of disclosure of such reserves. The auditor should also ascertain that whenever necessary to secure compliance with the local laws of the respective foreign countries, separate identity of such reserves has been maintained in the balance sheet of the bank as a whole. The auditor should also ascertain that all provisions regarding eligibility criteria and quantum of dividend have been fulfilled in respect of dividend paid by the bank, if any, during the year.

The auditor should examine the nature of various accounts included under this head to examine that only accounts in the nature of reserves are included. The auditor should verify whether the utilisations of reserves are in accordance with regulatory and statutory requirements and whether the reporting requirements have been complied with in terms of the requirements of Banking Regulation Act, 1949 and the Guidelines of the RBI, issued from time to time.

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