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The valuer(s) shall comply with the following conditions:-

1. The valuer(s) shall ensure that the valuation of the REIT assets is impartial, true and fair in accordance
with these regulation.

2. The valuer(s) shall ensure adequate and robust internal controls to ensure the integrity of its valuation reports.

3. The valuer(s) shall ensure that it has sufficient key personnel with adequate experience and qualification to perform property valuations at all times.

4. The valuer(s) shall ensure that it has sufficient financial resources to enable it to conduct its business  effectively and meet its liabilities.

5. The valuer(s) and any of its employees involved in valuing of the assets of the REIT, shall not,-

(a) invest in units of the REIT or in the assets being valued; and

(b) sell the assets or units of REITs held prior to being appointed as the valuer, till the time such person is designated as valuer of such REIT and not less than six months after ceasing to be valuer of the REIT;

6. The valuer(s) shall conduct the valuation of the REIT assets with transparency and fairness and shall render, high standards of service, exercise due diligence, ensure proper care and exercise independent professional judgment;

7. The valuer(s) shall act with independence, objectivity and impartiality in performing the valuation;

8. The valuer(s) shall discharge its duties towards the REIT in an efficient and competent manner, utilizing his knowledge, skills and experience in best possible way to complete given assignment;

9. The valuer(s) shall not accept remuneration, in any form, for performing a valuation of the REIT assets
from any person other than the REIT or its authorized representative;

10. The valuer(s) shall before accepting any assignment, disclose to the REIT any direct or indirect consideration which the valuer may have in respect of such assignment;

11. The valuer(s) shall not make false, misleading or exaggerated claims in order to secure assignments; The valuer(s) shall not provide misleading valuation, either by providing incorrect information or by withholding relevant information;

12. The valuer(s) shall not accept an assignment that includes reporting of the outcome based on predetermined opinions and conclusions required by the REIT;

13. The valuer(s) shall, prior to performing a valuation, acquaint itself with all laws or regulations relevant to
such valuation.

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