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Tax Dose Awards


We are introducing Point Award System .

For Participating in website -A member will be awarded points, After reaching a point accumulation of 10,000 points, a member can claim reward.

For each 10,000 points – We are awarding Rs 1000/- Paytm Gift card .


Conditions of Posting :-

  1. The Post must be related to Finance ,Tax ,Commerce or other similar areas
  2. The Article must be Original and must not be repetitive.
  3. The Liability with regard to article will rest with author .
  4. The Post/Comment/Questions/Answers must be of value and must not be a one word .


Point award System:-

Points for Posting of Article
Points for Asking Question
Points for Giving Answers
Points for Comments


& Many Surprise Points.


How to Claim Award :-

  1. Mail us at  ” Subject claim Reward”. The mail must be sent from Your registered mail id of your profile.
  2. Send your User ID and Ph No.
  3. Open a PAYTM account.